Wife of FRCN staff, who jumped into the lagoon of Lagos, says

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Mrs. Zainab Oladeho, the wife of the FRCN staff, who jumped into the lagoon last week, said that she was still shocked by the news of her husband’s death.

Her husband Rauf, a representative of sex and a father of eight, who was on his way to work, before stopping the brown Toyota Corolla, which he drove on the third mainland bridge and jumped into the lagoon, was recently transferred from the FRCN training school in Sogunla Broadcasting House in Lagos .

Mrs. Oladeho, who could not explain why her husband decided to take his life, called him a peace-loving husband and father.

“God is the only one who sees the intention of his heart in the choice of his life; I do not know what could be causing it. We have been married for more than 40 years, and no one has ever tried to resolve the dispute between us. When he left for Lagos on Sunday, he prayed for us, and one of the children followed him to the park. He was a peace-loving man; he had no habit of fighting with anyone, and anytime he had money, he bought things for all the children around “the wives of the FRCN employees who jumped into the lagoon, Punchu said.

The sheriff, the son of the deceased, who said that his father was not sick and did not have any financial crisis to the best of his knowledge, said:

“My father was not sick, and he was not thinking about anything. If he had thought about anything, he would have told me, because he did not hide anything from me. He also had no money, because if he needed money, he would call to tell us. Even on the day when his body was removed from the lagoon, more than N10,000 were removed from his pocket. I believe that what is hidden to us is because people are open to God, ”he said.

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