“The herdsmen are chasing, attacking, and raping us; Say “All lands belonging to Buhari” – “Delta Women”

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EWU: Women in the flood-ravaged community of Ewu-Urhobo in the local government area of ​​Ughelli South, Delta State, have shouted that the alleged herders attack, rape and expel them from their farmland .

The women alleged that armed pastors often claimed that all the country’s land belonged to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The women, who besieged the Ewu-Edjokota road, penultimate Monday, at 6:00 am, alleged that the armed herders, who take turns profaning and mutilating those who refuse to yield to their lustful desires, feed their flocks. your agricultural products.

In addition to attacking them on the farms, they also alleged that the herders generally ambushed and robbed the merchants who went to the local markets for their goods and fled to the bush.

The shepherds who grazed their cows on my farm attacked me – Atigogo

When she related her terrible experience to Vanguard, Madame Felicia Atigogo stated that two shepherds had attacked her on her farm when she was trying to prevent her flocks from grazing at her cassava farm.

“Due to the flood that devastated our community, I acquired another plot of land on lease only so that the farm would be invaded by herds that these pastors grazed on the farm.

“When I approached them and tried to prevent their herd from grazing on my yucca, they took out daggers and machetes and attacked me. I was lucky to have fled. ”

What caused the protest

One of the ladies of the community was not as lucky as Madame Atigogo, since she died from the wounds inflicted on her by the shepherds, who attacked her on her farm and tried to rape her.

A villager simply identified as Mama Ufuoma told NDV that his death caused the last protest.

“She was on her farm with one of her children who did not know there was a group of shepherds nearby. The shepherds immediately pounced on her and tried to rape her.

“While trying to resist them in the midst of shouting, they attacked her with their machetes leaving deep cuts and fled into the jungle when people came to the scene. They took her to the hospital after losing a lot of blood, but she died in the hospital, “she said.

They blatantly claim that Buhari owns all the land

– woman leader

The woman leader of the community, Mrs. Queen Dieseruvwe, stated that the pastors now operate with impudence, telling them that “all the lands of Nigeria, including our communal lands, belong to President Muhammadu Buhari.”

“They also claim that we do not have rights to prevent them from grazing on our farms because President Muhammadu Buhari owns all the land in Nigeria, therefore we can not claim ownership of the land.

“Uproot our cassava, feed it to their flocks and when you try to resist, they attack you with a machete and they maim you if you are lucky like some others, or they even shoot you.

“So, this is the reason why we have blocked the road, since all the efforts to reach the governor, the police and other security agencies to evict these evil pastors from our community have been useless,” he explained.

… Delta Government Accused of Negligence

Dieseruvwe also accused the Delta state government of allegedly neglecting the community, especially when their farmland was destroyed by the floods, saying: “It is not about PDP or APC policies, since we are here for the benefit of our community. and we will not leave. ” until these pastors are expelled from our farms. ”

“We have a government, but we do not feel its impact. How will government representatives feel if their wives, sisters and daughters are raped by pastors?

“Our farmlands and our crops were destroyed as a result of the rising water level, now we decided to get new places in the highlands just to be attacked by these shepherds, who have been a big problem for us for the past 15 years” . .

Vehicular movement to earth.

The NDV’s findings showed that all forms of vehicular movement on the Ewu-Edjokota Highway, the only access route linking more than 14 communities in the local government areas of Ughelli North and Ughelli South, were grounded as a result of the protest.

The women erected a barricade across the road with woods and lit a bonfire on both sides of the road, which made it impossible to encircle the blockade, while three awnings met on the road, where they sat and danced music at full volume of a Disc Jockey. .

The travelers were forced to abort their trip in the place and walk long distances after maneuvering the blockade on the other side of the road where they board commercial motorcycles, popularly known as Okada to continue their journey.

…resist the presidents of LGA, the Army’s efforts to clear barricades

The efforts of Ughelli South’s local council president, Dr. Richard Kofi, his counterpart of Ughelli North, Godwin Adode, the Ovie realm of Ogor, HRM Okiemute Igere I and the military of Battalion 222, Agbarha-Otor to dismantle the barricades were unsuccessful As the women insisted that the only condition to evacuate the road was the immediate eviction of all pastors from the area.

We are doing everything possible to eliminate the authors: the Muslim community

Condemning the attacks on women, the leader of the Muslim community in Ughelli South, Imam Muhammad Okotie, said: “The Muslim community condemns these attacks and we are doing everything possible to ensure that these bad pastors are hired. We are also trying to make sure that the Muslims in the area leave in harmony with the locals. ”

Herdsmen-Chase-Attack-Rape-Us-Say-All-Lands-Belong-To-Buhari-Delta-Women News  “The herdsmen are chasing, attacking, and raping us; Say "All lands belonging to Buhari" - "Delta Women"

Herdsmen-Chase-Attack-Rape-Us-Say-All-Lands-Belong-To-Buhari-Delta-Women-1 News  “The herdsmen are chasing, attacking, and raping us; Say "All lands belonging to Buhari" - "Delta Women"

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