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Few things to know before setting up a wap builder like wapka

I know Many people will wish to have a wapsite builder like wapka, wapkiz xtgem even blog builders like blogger and joomla but few of them knows what it takes to run such websites. no wonder the incapable ones like mywapblog, netxid, wapka e.t.c shuts down at the end of the day. here are the […]

wapka users are free from DMCA

wapka users free from DMCA how? We noticed that wapka blocked some websites i.e naijapres.com, 9jabaze.com but its never because copyright contents is found on their websites. DMCA can never disturb a wapka site because wapka official pays huge money to settle them so they must shut up! (lolz) the worst site owner (whose content […]

How to add Mouse Sparkle effect on your blogger/wapka website ?

Mouse Sparkler effect is a cool and awesome mouse effect. When user move mouse pink color spark come out from the mouse point. To see demo move your mouse on this page. To add this effect on your website read below information’s.   Here is the mouse sparkler JAVA code  *Note: Don’t edit or remove any part of this code* To […]

IP locator code for wapka, blogger or website

IP locator may display User region with country and flag, IP address, Country code, User host name, IP state, User ISP, and user organization of online user on your website. See preview below.Preview: Hello, visitor from: , Nigeria Your Country Code: NG Your IP State: Your IP Address: Your Hostname: Your ISP: Airtel Networks Limited Your Organization: Airtel Networks Limited IP Locator Code: <script language=”JavaScript” src=”http://www.ipaddresslocation.org/my-ip-address.php” type=”text/JavaScript”></script>  To add […]

How to create sitemaps for wapka?

Search engine optimization have a key role to run a website successfully. Search engines automatically crawl your web sites automatically and optimize your site for search but some times it take long time to index your site automatically and have more chance to miss your important links. So if you want to optimize your site […]