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Security guru McAfee says his twitter account was hacked

John McAfee has said his Twitter account was hacked and used to promote lesser-known t:crypto-currencies. The cyber-security pioneer has rebuffed suggestions that the alleged incident undermined his own credentials saying: “I have no control over Twitter’s security”. But he also posted that he believed his mobile phone had likely been compromised. Twitter declined to comment […]

Facebook and Twitter: Nine Russian Brexit ads found by inquiries

Image copyright Facebook says its investigation into Russian attempts to influence the Brexit vote has determined the activity amounted to just three adverts. Twitter says its own inquiry has linked six ads promoting referendum-related content on its platform to Russian sources. The Electoral Commission had asked the social media giants for the data. But an […]

Twitter is paralysed by Trump’s tweeting

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionPresident Trump retweeted posts from a British far-right group Once again, Twitter finds itself between a rock and a far-right place. Donald Trump’s retweeting of Britain First’s Jayda Fransen on Wednesday was a truly shocking moment. The British Prime Minister said it was “wrong”. It contributed, as one US news site put it, to […]