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Bill gates compared artificial intelligence to nuclear weapons

Co-founder of Microsoft, billionaire and now philanthropist bill gates believes artificial intelligence is a very unusual and controversial technology that can both help humanity and harm it. At a conference of the Stanford Institute of anthropocentric artificial intelligence (Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence) gates drew an analogy between artificial intelligence and nuclear weapons. In […]

This is possible: created a device that silences the sound without blocking the air

Concert halls and recording studios are covered with thick cladding with large cavities that effectively drown out external noise. Since sound waves propagate through the air, acoustic materials noticeably impede its circulation. Researchers from Boston University solved this problem by creating a fairly simple device that muffles up to 94% of external noise, while maintaining […]

Scientists have learned how to create cheap infrared cameras: why do we need them?

Cameras that capture infrared radiation invisible to the human eye can be extremely useful in both scientific equipment and consumer technology. For example, they can be successfully used in smartphones, adding a thermal imager function, as well as in cars with autopilot for pedestrian recognition. Manufacturers can not introduce them into their products only because […]