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Quando Rondo – Who Died Lyrics

[Intro: Quando Rondo & Officer Coffey] What set you from? You look like one of them Crenshaw Mafia motherfuckers No, you prolly one of them Rollin 60’s, huh (Dubba-AA flex) Huh, huh I’m this bitch with Dubba A Nigga, we be steady flexin’, yeah Don’t know me Oh, no, no [Chorus] Stick with the dick that’s steady ringin’ Oh so often murder went through […]

Quando Rondo – Expensive Edibles Lyrics

Expensive Edibles By Quando Rondo Rollie keep tick-tock, yeah Rollie keep tick-tockin’, yeah They wasn’t with me on the block, yeah When a n—- was walkin’, yeah And I ain’t really with the talk, talk I really was walkin’ Ayy, C4, ayy, ayy, bro C4Bombs, baby Rollie keep tick-tockin’, which rollin’ Bought her a foreign […]