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Pinegrove – Flora Lyrics

[Verse 1] I insist it wasn’t always like this I saw the sun shining red in the grass With every fiber vibrating alive [Verse 2] I lie down and lower my eyes Until the sun fell low in the yard Feeling the territory coming down [Chorus] Then I’m outside [?] hear the sound And I know I’m lost wherever I walk now [Verse 3] […]

Peruzzi – Bounce Lyrics

YoThis not a radio song(Speroach)Oh charly say champagne better than Henny and iceYour belly button wey me see that’s something light(Beatz)Activate me girl I know it must be rightMama roll one if you really not scared of heightsGo, baby Don’t take it slow, babyJust rock and roll, babyI just wanna know, babyHow your body bounceBouncing […]