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Yung Mal – #’s (feat. Stunna 4 Vegas) [Remix] Lyrics

#’s (feat. Stunna 4 Vegas) [Remix] By Yung Mal Noisy on the beat First things first If a n—- ever cross the line, I’ll put his a– in the dirt Second of all I’m puttin’ in work I run this s— up, we ain’t never gon’ hurt Keep that s— real, that’s third No nine-to-five, […]

Tom MacDonald & MadChild – D.R.U.G. Lyrics

D.R.U.G. By Tom MacDonald & MadChild I’m not a asshole, that’s my ego He knows me and you ain’t equal Go ahead and call me Dee-bo I don’t f— with many people I ain’t playin’ any games, say it to my face Hate me ’cause the break Pull up, pull up with that energy I […]