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Fivio Foreign – Awesome Lyrics

Lyrics Awesome By Fivio Foreign You know the vibes (Baow) Yeah, that’s all Ayy, this s— legendary (Fivio Foreign), baow Worldwide (Flag still tied around the leg) Baow (Baow), ayy (Ayy) Ayy, baow, look (Ayy) Awesome (Awesome) My s— is awesome (My s— is awesome) Drippin’ (Drippin’), faucet (Faucet) I got lit and I ain’t […]

Five Finger Death Punch – Scar Tissue Lyrics

Scar Tissue by Five Finger Death Punch You ripped my heart out and you threw it away Torn away, threw away, ripped away Been busy-bothered since the day that we met All the pain, it’s a shame, you’re insane Infectious, I bleed you out So precious, you’re empty You’re always saving face and hiding behind […]

Five Finger Death Punch – Darkness Settles In Lyrics

Darkness Settles In By Five Finger Death Punch Another sun sets down behind me, another day comes crashing in There’s a whispering wind that’s blowing, there’s a storm that’s closing in I can hear the trains they’re rolling to a place I’ve never been And I can feel their breath beside me with an empty […]