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Intel Unveils Industry’s First FPGA Integrated With High Bandwidth Memory

The Intel® Stratix® 10 MX FPGA is the industry’s first field programmable gate array (FPGA) with integrated High Bandwidth Memory DRAM (HBM2). By integrating the FPGA and the HBM2, Intel Stratix 10 MX FPGAs offer up to 10 times memory bandwidth compared to standalone DDR memory solutions. (Credit: Intel Corporation) Intel just launched the Intel® […]

JPG Replace (replace jpg images from swf & any other file)

Welcome friends, today i’m sharing my 9th java application “JPG Replace”. It is basically made to replace JPG images from SWF files, but it can replace JPG images from any type of file. So anyone can edit SWF and other files with it freely. Only one limitation, YOUR IMAGES SIZE (IN KB) MUST BE SMALLER […]

How to Convert Number to Words in Excel – version 2 (With Addon Program)

Hello friends, Hope you did not forgot my last post about Convert Number to Words in Excel here, http://www.modtheapp.com/2011/06/convert-number-to-words-in-microsoft.html This time i came with a new and updated details to do this work easily. This time you can use the same process, except i changed the whole formula and rename it in a shorter and […]

How I Upgraded My Laptop To Windows 10 In 3 Easy Steps

For some days now, Microsoft has been rolling out windows 10 upgrade for windows 7 and windows 8/8.1 users. If you haven’t done your upgrade, you may want to do so because windows 10 rocks. Windows 10 combines a more intuitive integration of both touchscreen and desktop interface, a host of new features and a […]

Simplest Way: how To Use Simple Server On PC

Simple Server is not new to most android users, but a lot of people still find it difficult configuring simple server on their PC. Most people that are using simple server on their android don’t know that they can connect their PC to internet using their android phone (via tethering and portable hotspot), that is […]

Download Internet Download Manager and improve your Download Speed 5 times

Internet Download Manager is the best download tool to manage and improve your download speeds. It improves download speeds up to 5 times. While downloading files, if any unfortunate interrupts like download errors, lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages etc. IDM has the capability to face all these problems and recovers […]

How To Permanently Disable Windows Defender In Windows 10

was trying to disable the Windows Defender in Windows 10, but it work but the next time i restarted my computer or power it off and resume back to work i see the Windows Defender is enabled and start working back again, Then i decided to write a simple tutorial on How To Permanently Disable Windows […]

How To Hide A Running Program In Windows Taskbar

You know mostly when you’re running a program on your PC, You see the type of App either running in the Windows Taskbar or Icon Taskbar, But there’s a way you can hide all the running Program with a Simple utility tool called WinRap. You can hide any type of Windows Operating System like Windows […]