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How to permanetly move from one blogspot to another 301 redirect

Hey buddy, I guess its like you have two t:blogspot blog and you wish to have the contents in one place, what’s the essence of running more than one blogspot website? well If you wish to have your contents in one place, you are making the right decision because its recommended by google for individual to […]

Adsense Refused to pay You? See 8 Reasons Why Google Adsense Do Not Pay Several Bloggers

Before we begin composing this article, I would need to assert to you on something.  “Google Adsense may not pay you exceptionally well as a distributer and it is a direct result of your blame and ethically your blame”  Care to know why I said its your blame?  Read on, you could discover.  Despite how […]

List Of Websites That all Webmasters And Bloggers should Know

Hello Friend, I  wanna give you lists of websites that are crucial for we webmasters and bloggers. These websites will Really Help your blogging and webmastering Career a lot. though there are tons of useful websites but I will list the most important ones based on my Knowledge and experience. You can add yours via […]

When I like a video on youtube post it to blogger – ifttt

Hello, am here with another mega post as one of my plan is to make impossibilities possible on t:blogger/t:blogspot. We all know that t:wordpress is far better than blogger yet I Can assure you that blogger is also a very nice blogging platform. with t:IFTTT you can now do more with blogger or how do […]

How to auto Backup Your Blogger/blogspot posts to google drive – IFTTT

 Hi Readers, Do You Know the importance of backing up Your blogger posts? if you don’t know, check below. THE IMPORTANCE OF BLOG BACKUPS If you google “How to backup your blog” you will find 1000 tutorials.  But what I  have noticed about almost all these posts is that they are incomplete.  They either tell […]

How to Publish Blogger posts via Email – IFTTT

Previously, We talked on How to Copy a Blog posts RSS feed to Your Email to blogger Using IFTTT but on this post we are going to talk on How to Publish post on your Blogger blog via email from anywhere – the official Blogger feature to post content via email.Most of the t:bloggers spend time around their […]

The Journalist: A Simple Responsive Template for Blogger

“The Journalist” is a simple blogger template built on the bootstrap framework. It features a fully responsive two column layout that adjusts perfectly to all screen sizes. This quick loading theme is free and comes pre-installed with a simple text-based related posts and social sharing widget. It is ideal for journalists, writers and bloggers alike.  […]

How To Create A Blogger Blog And Rank It On Google Search Engine

Do you want to learn how to create a blogger blog and rank it on Google search engine? Search engine or organic traffic is the best form of visits to your site because they are people who need the information on your blog. There are two major factors in ranking your blog on the search […]

HTTPS is now available for blogger custom domain

google updated a post concerning HTTPS Consideration this year (2017), they now focus on HTTPS and urge website owners to adapt to it. Long ago, blogger offered free t:SSL certificate to all blogspot users but only applicable to subdomains e.g prayertitus.blogspot.com and neglecting custom domains i.e techmedias.xyz Good news!, free https is now available to […]

How to Add Snow Falling Effect To Your Blogger/blogspot

Howdy friends, Wish you Mary Christmas in advance. One of the world’s biggest festival is coming in next week so lets’s prepare for it. Here I am going to show you how to add snow falling effect to your blogger blog, to apply this effect it you just have to add a small snippet of […]