Beatbox Vs Singing Whats the difference

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Beatbox vs Singing which one is the best and whats the differences and similarities, here on this blog we gonna discuss very shortly   1. Beatbox does not damage vocal chord singing does   2. You can beatbox when ur vocal chord is damaged but you can not sing   3. Beatbox annoys neighbor during Read More

All Beatbox Sounds List

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Basic Beatbox Sounds Beatboxing is an art that tries to mimic drum machines. However, as an art form, it has also evolved its repertoire of sounds to include other instruments. Hence, many beatboxers nowadays can also produce other sounds aside from the drum machines’ basic sounds. Here are the basic beatbox sounds you can learn Read More

10 unique beatboxer styles

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Beatboxing is constantly evolving, each artist strives to bring something of his own, to be remembered with a special style, sounds. Sometimes you listen to new tracks and no doubt you recognize their author. Catch a selection of ten beatboxers with a special style of performance. The style is made up of many factors, such as: special Read More