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Smart speakers will be the fastest growing new category in 2018, outpacing wearables, AR and VR

Smart speakers will be the fastest-growing new category of technology in 2018, according to research by analytics firm Canalys. Smart speaker sales will beat sales of wearables, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices, three of the commonly named technologies previously said to grow fast in a maturing smartphone market. Total smart speaker sales […]

Powermat’s new universal wireless charging pad will top up any device

One of the leading wireless power firms, Powermat, just announced its brand new potentially-groundbreaking solution for wireless charging that want to be capable of charging just about any wireless-chargeable device you might think of. Sounds cool, right? Meet Charging Spot 4.0, powered by SmartInductive! Compliant with the most popular standards – Qi, AFA inductive, AirFuel, Apple […]