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Amanda Black – Baninzi Lyrics

Kunzima nam ndiyaziIngath uphelelwa ngamandlaFeeling empty is nothing newAwyazi nobubheki phi, till you get through yeahIndlela ibonwa kwa baphambiliSukoyika wenza kakhuluBe strong, move onNgoba baninzi yeah Ewe ndiyazi nam yeah BaninziI’m not the first and not the last, BaninziGotta survive ndzophumelela, BaninziGet up and chase their dreams yeah, BaninziBaninzi yeah eh BaninziBaninzi yeah eh BaninziBaninzi […]

Amanda Black – Intro Lyrics feat. Kush Mahleka

Are we good? Take pride and insult it with the best descriptions of fulfilledInherit a listen between signs of sealed prayersTake your fears to the reality of your fightLove yourself bare and dustyRelease the lioness to practiceI am not scared anymoreThis is meUnapologetic and readyNo one can save youMay the galaxies fulfill its dreams upon […]

Amanda Black – Afrika Lyrics ft. Adekunle Gold

Zinwele zam eziNwele zamNdingum AfrikaZinwele zam eziNwele zamNdingum AfrikaHeyi, heyi, heyi, heyi, heyiNdingum AfrikaHeyi, heyi, heyi, heyi, heyiNdingum Afrika If you don’t like my colourThe joke is on youYes, I’m black and that’s my powerI got it from my mama, yeah yeah yeahMy name is AfrikaI am the future, there’s no where betterI will sing […]

Akon – Scammers Lyrics Ft. Olamide

[Olamide]Omo ….Them no wan leave am alone Today I won’t hollaXxxYou not gon’ get one dollarI’m not your baby fatherYou can’t take me for foolI’m a hustler tooDive in the waterLast time I call her [Chorus]XxXxDon’t try to scam a scammerXxXxDon’t try to scam a scammer [Olamide]….with Obama….with OsamaSalama Lai kum Salam[Verse 2 : Akon]They say I’m way to […]