Suspected Herdsmen Kidnappers of the Four Reverend Fathers in the Delta

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Suspected Herdsmen kidnapped four Reverend Fathers on the axis of Abrak, a local government district of Etiopa. According to reports, the clergymen were in the convoy, going to an event dedicated to the old boy in the Edo school, when the kidnappers, who were believed to be suspected Herdsmen, lured them to Abraksky Bridge and ordered them to leave their cars. Two of the priests are from the Benin Archdiocese, one is from Abuja, and the other is from the Diocese of Warri. ”

One of the people kidnapped is the Rev. Father Emmanuel Obager. The witness said:

It was reported that the clergymen were in four cars, but the kidnappers allegedly forced two of the vehicles to stop, ordering the occupants to sit down. Obadjere’s father traveled to Ekpomu with his cleric friends to meet their old students. The incident occurred in Abrak, when they descended from the bridge.

It was on Tuesday. They were in four cars. Thieves could not track the first two cars ahead. The kidnappers looked like the Herdsmen of Fulani. They abandoned the vehicles in which the priests go. Thus, the priests in two other vehicles warned other priests in the Diocese of Warri about development. ”

Confirming the abduction, State Police Commissioner Mustafa Mohammad said that efforts are being made to ensure the safe rescue of the abducted clerics.


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