“Stop voting for the old dead”: Georgina Onuoha screams

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The famous Nollywood actress, activist, model and personality of the television Georgina Onuoha, shared a video of Abacha delivering her speech after she assumed the power of the government of the time, years ago. She compared it to the current government headed by President Buhari and the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku, and said he was surprised “to see the Nigerians celebrate Atiku as if it were a test tube baby.” In addition, he asked the Nigerians to wake up and “stop voting for the dead elders”.

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In case we have forgotten our history. This is what the dictatorship looks like. Since 1982, Buhari, Badaginda and Abacha overthrew governments and melted excessive difficulties and pure evil over Nigeria as a nation and its citizenship. That’s what the 90s looked like under Abacha. Brutality became the order of the day. I remember that my father ran to his house from the guard on duty and told my mother to prepare us.

In case there is war since Babaginda overthrew Buhari in 1985 … we plan to return east of Ede (the former state of Oyo) we were not sure if the barracks was safe during the coup. In 1986 my father was transferred to Lagos to work in Abati’s barracks. We have seen a few men selected to ruin this nation, however, some Nigerians still believe in them! It is a pity. Abacha died, Buhari was selected with the help of Russia using Cambridge Analytical to sow hatred and misinformation among Nigerians.

What has been the result today? Change or oppression? Death, anarchy, hunger and extreme poverty are what 80 percent of people have witnessed. I am surprised to see the Nigerians celebrate Atiku as if it were a test-tube baby! a man who served as vice president and then former president Obasanjo banned him from running for president because Atiku was wanted for fraud by the UN according to Obasanjo. However, I see Nigerians dancing and welcoming Atiku. It is a shame. Until we begin to learn from our history, we will continue to suffer collectively as a people and nation.

Wake up to Nigeria. Reject all these colors without vision willing to kill for power and their personal game and not for the interest of the people or the nation. Stop voting for the old dead. We have young and vibrant candidates to advance our nation in this 21st century.
Wake up Nigerians

Vote for your future and not for your religion, tribe and stomach. We can do better as a nation. The power is in our hands as young people to change this downward trajectory of our nation ️🚶🏻♀️. If you are too young to know who Abacha was and how he governed, this is a small sample of his first time taking power. I’ll go to the national archives and find Buhari’s speech in 1982. ”

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