Japan shows bets on the drivers’ board

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Fully digital screens replace speedometers and dials in vehicles, making the industry-leading Japanese display Incoptimistic about increasing sales for global automakers.

While most new models usually have a central dashboard for maps, entertainment, and other features, manufacturers are also increasingly replacing the dashboard facing the driver with a flat screen. Look at the newest BMW or Mercedes-Benz, most likely, Japan Display made the panel.

Replacing instrument clusters with screens is challenging, as they must be more reliable and withstand temperature fluctuations, while providing important information for the driver. It also makes them more expensive and allows display suppliers to earn higher profits, making them an attractive enterprise. Japan Display, the world’s largest supplier of panels in cars, relies on the fact that switching to electric cars will make screens a key selling point for any car, as drivers pay more attention to the aesthetics of car interiors than to what is under the hood.

cart-talk-300x200 Auto Technology  Japan shows bets on the drivers' board

“Previously, everything was in the engine — how many cylinders, how much horsepower, the sound of it,” but with electric cars that went away, said Holger Gerkens, who heads the JDI car business, in an interview. “How do you create attractiveness? You can do a lot with displays.

The digital panel also offers advantages for drivers, for example, changing the style and amount of information for different driving modes, which makes the cards more visible when necessary. At the moment, they are mainly used in high-end cars made by Audi, Mercedes-Benz and some supercar manufacturers.



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