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$ 19k Landwind X7, A Chinese Clone Crashes Into A $68k Range Rover Evoque (Photos)

Talk about accidentally meeting your lookalike.The notoriously famous $19,600 Landwind X7 from China based Jiangling Motor company finally met its twin, the $68,000 Range Rover Evoque, though in a rather unforeseen circumstance. Reports suggest that a red Jiangling Landwind X7 and a red Range Rover Evoque brushed against each other in the city of Chongqing, […]

NEW: BlackBerry app store closing after 2019, BB10 gets two years of support

While the BlackBerry name isn’t much more than an afterthought in the Android market, users might be surprised to hear that some of the company’s legacy mobile services are still around. Unfortunately for those still using them, BlackBerry has announced that they’ll be shutting down over the next two years, including the platform’s app store. […]

China Blocks Foreign Autonomous Carmakers From Mapping Roads Over Spying Fears

Chinese government’s fear that self-driving cars could be used for spying has forced them to block foreign automotive companies from mapping Chinese roads at the quality they need to make their autonomous-vehicle technology work well,in the world’s largest car market.The restrictions,however,do not apply to Chinese car-makers. Automated and self-driving cars rely on cameras, advanced sensors […]