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How to Redirect Old Blogspot URL to another Blogspot Website

Hey guys, welcome to 9jasense the blog that deals with tech and entertainment at the same time, here in this short article we’re going to teach ourselves on how to redirect one Blogspot URL to another Blogspot URL happy reading. For many reasons, you might want to redirect your URL from one blog to another. […]

Negative on the Internet: how online communication affects a person’s energy

In the age of modern t:technology, many people communicate more on the Internet than in real life. Virtual friends have long replaced real ones. Correspondence in the network leaves an imprint on the energy of a person, because among users there are many unpleasant personalities, energy vampires. Sometimes the Internet becomes a source of negativity […]

The gains and dangers of using smartphone by secondary school students

The pros and cons of using a phone at school should be known to every parent who decides whether to give their child a mobile phone to school. However, before making such a decision, you should definitely first familiarize yourself with all the” pros “and” cons ” of using the phone at school. Relevance of […]

You’re underrating the power of HDR displays on your smartphone

Until today, I have not been able to try the HDR10 technology on a smartphone. In truth, I didn’t even want to evaluate it, because it seemed that there wasn’t much benefit from it, but I was very mistaken. And in this article I’ll try to explain what exactly made me change my position and […]

See Reason Why Your Smartphone Can Make Emergency Calls Without A SIM Card

If you’re an active mobile phone user, you will notice that your phone can actually make emergency calls without any SIM. I know you must be wondering how this is possible since there’s no mobile number. Let me explain how your SIM works. SIM as you ought to know stands for Subscriber Identification Module and […]

Photos Bicycle Built By Ghanaian Man That’s Able to Ride On Water

A few months ago, YEN had an encounter with a young Ghanaian inventor, Frank Darko, who had created a bicycle that could move on water. He revealed that his invention started in August last year and with a lot of effort and hard work, he managed to finish his creation and tested it in a […]

Mercedes-Benz Unveils The New 2019 G550 G-Wagon

Mercedes has revealed the all-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz G550 Geländewagen a.k.a G-wagon at the detroit auto show and it marks the rebirth of an important automotive icon, and it doesn’t disappoint. The iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class off-roader has been around since 1979 and has never had a major redesign in all that time,until now. Retaining the SUV’s […]

Nokia tallies strong feature phone sales in third quarter of 2017, led by iconic 3310

Research firm Counterpoint Research pulled out its trusty slide rule and computed that during the third quarter of 2017, which covered July through September, Nokia licensee HMD Global sold 2.8 million Nokia smartphones worldwide. During the same time frame, the company sold 13.5 million Nokia feature phones. For the quarter, Nokia placed 16th among t:smartphone […]

CAD-based renders of the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra reiterate fingerprint on back

Sony’s Xperia XA line is still fairly young, with two generations of devices behind its back. It usually introduces a pair of devices — a “regular-sized” XA and phablet-grade XA Ultra. They are midrange handsets with super-thin side bezels, but still hefty chin and forehead, and are geared towards selfie-loving camera users, with high-res front and back cameras […]