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Download Opera Mini 4.5 Update jar java

Opera Software has released an updated version of Opera Mini 4.5. The update fixes a bug with the bookmarks screen on some touchscreen phones. If your phone is effected by the bug, when you try to scroll through the bookmarks it moves the bookmark under you finger up and down in the list rather than […]

Download UC Browser 9.2 jar java

The UC Browser has been updated to version 9.2.. According to UC, here’s what’s new in this release: Smaller Size: The install package is now even smaller, making it much smoother to use. Night Mode Optimized: The function of Night Mode has been improved to take even better care of your eyes. Hot Words Search: […]

Download UC Browser 9.3.jar java

The UC Browser has been updated to version 9.3. According to UC, here’s what’s new in this release: Now More Mini. Even smaller install package making browsing much smoother. Image Viewing Function. In the image viewing mode you can view images on the page one by one by sliding or clicking the narrow or pressing […]

Download UC Browser 9.4.jar Java

UC Web Inc, has released version 9.4 of their UC t:Browser.  The new features in this release are: Watching Youtube now is supported on more phone models. The problem of automatically logging-out from some websites has been solved. Smaller size for a faster startup speed. Touch-screen phone models can now preview uploaded t:pictures. t:Indian customer […]

Download UC Browser 9.4.1.jar java

UC Web Inc. released a bug fix update of UC Browser this week. The new version is 9.4.1. It fixes an issue where the user interface appeared in English rather than the the users preferred language. There may have been other fixes too as some users are reporting faster page loads. I’ve modified the app […]

Download Opera Mini 8 With Touchscreen Mod

Opera Mini 8.0 Has been released .  New features in this release include: A new minimalist “flat” design Night Mode You can now adjust image quality on the data savings page Private mode I’ve modified the jad file to remove the virtual keyboard that appears on some LG and Samsung touch screen phones. The app works […]

Download UC Browser 9.5 With Touchscreen Mods Signed and Un-Signed jar Java

UC Browser 9.5 was released recently. According to UC It fixes two bugs: Fixed the problem of large file sizes not being shown correctly when downloading; Fixed the problem of users not being able to go to the right page by typing a page number on UC Forum. I’ve modified the app to use the […]