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COVID-19: How to make a protective face mask yourself

Today, the most popular products in the world are personal protective equipment-hand antiseptics, disposable gloves and protective face masks. So it is not surprising that these products have disappeared from pharmacies and stores. Meanwhile, in some countries, you can not go outside without a protective mask – this is fraught with a fine and even […]

COVID-19: How many days does the coronavirus live on money, masks, and clothing?

As of this writing, on April 7, 2020, more than 1,340,000 people on our planet have been infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus. To slow down the speed of its spread, the authorities of many countries have asked people not to contact each other and stay at home. It is also recommended that all people wash […]

SMART TOILET: that scan human being and shows their deases during excretion

Over the past 15 years, Stanford University (USA) has been quite fun. The fact is that Professor Sanjiv gambir, who works there, and his team, despite the ridicule of colleagues, were developing a “smart” toilet with the function of recognizing a person by the shape of the anal opening and detecting diseases by the composition […]

Tesla made a ventilator from model 3 spare parts

The CoVID-19 pandemic claims thousands of lives every day, but according to experts, the peak incidence has not yet occurred. At the same time, in some countries, the situation is already quite severe – intensive care wards are full of people infected with the new coronavirus, and there are not enough artificial ventilation devices (ventilators) […]

How to get a slim body: 7 rules for the slimness of Hollywood stars

Many women look at popular actors and singers with envy and can’t understand how they do it. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems – stars follow certain rules, thanks to which they remain in great shape. Seven rules for the slimness of Hollywood stars These rules will help every woman lose […]

Is the coronavirus really dangerous? A scientist from France proves the opposite

The outbreak of a new virus from China has greatly excited the whole world. All the media reports about the dead and a huge number of infected people, whose number is increasing every day. It is known that many Russian tourists are returning home early from Chinese cities, and many countries are deciding to close […]