“Bezrukikh.net” – a new service from Russian programmers

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Finding a contractor for a particular business is easy now – the Internet and TV are literally full of advertising for such services. But often they are not as good as they say: “pitfalls” are here. Do not post the same job ad or search for online help on a bulletin board? A team of programmers from Odintsovo decided to take into account all the shortcomings of the current “giants” and created their own service with a very ambiguous name – “Bezrukih.net”.

Recently, many freelancers and even narrow industries professionals began to move to Bezrukikh.net. Why? Let’s try to figure it out.

Why is the new service so good?

No paid services. The customer does not need to pay anything when creating an ad, and the performer cannot “wind up” his reviews by buying advertising or highlighting his account among the rest. Only fair competition: the choice of the customer depends entirely on the professionalism and competence of the contractor.

Earn everything. Yes, this is the first service of its kind, where not only the performer (for the work done), but also the customer can earn. The latter receives points for the posted task and the feedback about the artist. These points can then be spent on paying performers or on trips to a taxi. In Moscow, the role of partner is performed by the Taxi Service.

Performers are easier to “live.” The service does not require the performers of mandatory interviewing, tests and other nonsense. True, you do not need a person with a higher education to bring the piano to the top floor? And the courier does not need to know the monologue of “Hamlet” by heart.

IMG_1105-650x1407 Technology  "Bezrukikh.net" - a new service from Russian programmersIMG_1104-650x1407 Technology  "Bezrukikh.net" - a new service from Russian programmers

How to use

Very simple. Register by phone number, and then choose your role – the customer or performer. Each time you do not need to create a new account. Then either publish your task (if you are a customer), or choose from the available offers (if you are a performer). In the first case, be prepared that there may be several proposals. How to choose? The easiest way to do this is in the artist’s profile and photos of his work. Here, the advice to the performers suggests itself – write down your skills and, as they say, show the “goods by face”.

IMG_1103-650x1407 Technology  "Bezrukikh.net" - a new service from Russian programmersIMG_1102-650x1407 Technology  "Bezrukikh.net" - a new service from Russian programmers

It is possible to pick up performers according to their abilities thanks to a convenient filter in the “Choose a performer” tab.

IMG_1107-650x1407 Technology  "Bezrukikh.net" - a new service from Russian programmersIMG_1106-650x1407 Technology  "Bezrukikh.net" - a new service from Russian programmers

Again, only Moscow?

And no. “Bezrukikh.net” can work in any city. You choose a location for performing or setting assignments – be it Perm or the village of Krasnoye. In the latter case, however, the work will be a bit – so it is better to subscribe to notifications of announcements on geography. Download the mobile app from these links: iOS, Android. And see how many tasks are around you!


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