Angry protesters closed NDDC office with charms over Multimillion Naira Abandoned projects in Ondo State

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Angry protesters from Ibbokoda in the local government of Elaye, the state of Ondo, are protesting against the continued abandonment of the Niger Delta Development Department (NDDC) projects, as they paralyzed NDDC operations and closed the main gate with charms to prevent personnel from entering.

They were armed with posters with different inscriptions, such as “NDDC Is Scam”, “Govt Has Failed Us”, “OSOPADEC – fraud”, “NDDC is a curse for Ilaje”, “Make our schools accessible”, among other things, to sing a song solidarity, youth complained that many “multibillion-dollar projects in Naira” are currently littering the oil-producing communities and leaving the NIR.

Juliette Ekhinmo, the leader of the protesters, condemned the large number of projects left by the NDDC in the Illage community, and noted that this impedes development. She spoke about the need for the federal government to criticize NDK activities in Elijah communities. “NDDC was a curse for the people of Ilaje, not a blessing, because our communities are on the verge of extinction because of the persistence of sea invasions,” she said.

“What the NDCC does only in Eliya is to build pointers with the inscription of several billion naira contracts, and they turned Elaya into a dungeon, littering our land with many ghostly projects. So many abandoned projects. When you see documentaries in the media, you will notice that the Ilaje community is nowhere to be found in the list of completed projects.

NDDC has not done any significant projects in Ilaje for many years, and yet our people suffer. Our land is not good for agriculture, and that is why we are fishing. We use this period to inform FG to call the commission to order and allow them to come to our land and develop the community. We cannot continue to open our eyes and leave our land destroyed by sea invasions and hostility towards the NDK. ”

Comrade Bol Ivaloy, one of the protesters, said that not a single project implemented by NDDC was completed in oil-rich communities. He said that young people in the communities gave time to those who represent the NDCA council to do the right thing or to see their anger.

“Those people who represent us on the board of directors of NDDC should do this, and if they don’t. They would see the anger of the masses of the people of Elijah. We also ask the federal government and even the EFCC to study the activities of NDDC in the local government of Elay, because the commission does not work, ”he said.


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