Recently, unknown type of blood vessels found in human bones

21 hours ago

Previously, scientists have found a lot of evidence that inside human bones there is a complex system of blood circulation. If it wasn't for her, then how, for example, would the emergency bone marrow injections of the wounded soldiers help them get back on their feet so quickly? New research… Read More

Carbon dioxide can be converted into electricity and hydrogen fuel

If we are to avoid the projected increase in world temperature of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius this century, it… Read More

22 hours ago

Facebook is building observatories for laser communication with satellites

On the snow-capped top of California's mount Wilson there were many famous observatories. For example, until 1949 it was equipped… Read More

22 hours ago

We don’t do smart kids with CRISPR. Because we can’t.

Experts in gene research suggest that our worst fears about gene editing will not come true because they are too… Read More

22 hours ago

Mega Collection of Israel Strong Photos free download

Hi buddy, have gathered mega collection of Israel strong photos. This awesome and nice pics of this amazing gospel singer… Read More

2 days ago

Why anxiety affects body weight: the answer of scientists

Surely, many noticed that with excessive anxiety a person begins to lose weight. Until now, no one could give this… Read More

2 days ago

Google Files app for Android declared war on memes

Despite the fact that, even checked the file, as found by the researcher in the field of cybersecurity Baptiste Robert,… Read More

3 days ago

Oddmar-the best platformer in Google Play

"Odmoru did not manage to find themselves in life and to earn their place in Valhalla. He has squandered all… Read More

3 days ago

For the earth we will have self-driving cars. And the seas?

Drones. Self-driving cars. Flying robots. If you believe the headlines of the last few years, ground transportation in the future… Read More

3 days ago

Created a robot microbe that moves inside the blood vessels

Never forget that robots are not only four-legged mechanisms like SpotMini, which are able to open doors and perform various… Read More

3 days ago