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Esh! guys, My name is Prayertitus the CEO and Manager of am here with a fresh tutorial on how to make human Realistic saxophone with mouth. This is my personal tutorial. although am not a pro beatboxer but av got this my sax sample


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How to make Saxophone with Mouth (Just Your Mouth)

Am going to teach you in just 4 easy steps.

Step 1

make o-shape mouth like you want blow whistle.

Step 2

Make Falsetto Sound, (your Highest Breathy voice).

Step 3

Combine Step 1 and Step 2 (Blow Falsetto instead of whistle)

Bonus step 1

Curve your hand on on one side of your mouth (Like Picture Below)

This will control the air coming out of your mouth and also gives more power to your saxophone.

Bonus step 2

add tongue roll/tongue bass while transitioning from one note to another.

Bonus step 3

Add some vibrato while blowing long note.

Bonus step 4

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