Kijito cha Utakaso (River of Cleansing) Lyrics Sung by Guardian Angel

(Sung in Swahili – A Hymn)

Kijito cha utakaso (The Cleansing River)
Ni damu ya Yesu (Is the Blood of Jesus)
Bwana anao uwezo (The Lord has the might)
Kunipa wokovu (To give me salvation) (Repeat)

Kijito cha utakaso (The cleansing river)
Nizame kuoshwa humo (That I may be immersed and cleansed there)
Namsifu Bwana kwa hiyo (I praise the Lord because)
Nimepata utakaso (I have received the cleansing) (Repeat)

Viumbe vipya naona (I see new creatures)
Damu ina nguvu (For the Blood is powerful)
Imeharibu uovu (It has destroyed the evil)
Ulionidhulumu (That tormented me)


Ni neema ya ajabu (It is His Great Mighty)
Kupakwa na damu (To be covered by the Blood)
Na Bwana Yesu kumjua (And to know the Lord Jesus)
Yesu wa msalaba (The Jesus of the Cross)

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