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Supernatural Season 01 - Episode 01

Supernatural Season 01 – Episode 02 mp4 download

Not really anybody’s fault that season one ranks so low on the list – it’s almost to be expected as Supernatural was really finding its feet.

It’s not bad by any means on the whole, but a lot of it is quite bland and generic and lacks the charm and smart storytelling that the show would go onto have. Be it the ‘Bloody Mary’ episode, ‘Hook Man’ or ‘Faith’, so many episodes were based on established urban legends that the show struggled to forge an identity of its own.

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Its own mythology was also slow at gaining momentum to begin with. The mystery of Mary’s (and then Sam’s girlfriend Jess’s) fiery demise wasn’t given as much attention as it deserved and it was only really towards the end of the season that the Yellow-Eyed Demon (the original Supernatural big bad) really came into play.

Also, this season gave us both “Bugs” and “Route 666”, two episodes that even the most devout Supernatural fan would have trouble defending.

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