7 self-esteem quotes that creates value for you

7 self-esteem quotes that creates value for you

Learning to identify all the good things that we have, to know what our strengths and skills are, is important so that we can realize ourselves in life. This is not an easy task. To value yourself is to make an effort and face your demons. Nevertheless, it is worth it. There is nothing better than accepting and loving yourself.

These quotes of personal respect serve as a compass and guide us where to direct our gaze to strengthen our self-esteem. It is always helpful to have self-esteem phrases at hand to remind us that we should treat ourselves with tenderness and feed our self-esteem from time to time.

1. You deserve your love

“You, like every other person in the universe, deserve your love and affection.”

– Buddha

This is one of the phrases of self-esteem that we should remember every day. We are people worthy of love.

Love feeds us. This gives us strength, security, and makes us love others. This is the fundamental Foundation on which we must build our lives and our relationships.

Anyone who builds on love creates foundations that are hard to break. The most important thing is to realize that we have the right to receive love from others as well as from ourselves.

2. Start praising yourself

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try to compliment yourself and see what happens.”

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– Louise L. Hay

We have a bad habit of criticizing and hurting ourselves with our words and judgments. Judging yourself harshly is a habit of many people. However, it is not so easy to correct the harm that this entails. In fact, constant self-condemnation creates a heavy spiral of suffering and pain. But we do it almost daily. The worst part is that we don’t realize it.

It is impossible to have a good self-esteem if we constantly despise ourselves. In this quote, Louise hay offers us an alternative. This North American writer and speaker focuses on compliments and positive self-talk. Why not try it?

We deserve to be treated properly, we deserve our own recognition. What’s wrong with noticing all the good things we do?

3. Treat yourself with respect to make the best choice

“Our self-esteem affects our choices. Whenever we act in harmony with our true being and our heart, we deserve our respect. It’s so simple. Every choice matters.”

– Dan Coppersmith

This is another great quote that we should always remember. Self-respect means our future decisions. Being true to yourself determines every action and every choice in our lives. Moreover, how we respect each other will determine how we treat the people around us.

If we value and support ourselves, we are more likely to be treated the same way by others. On the other hand, if we treat ourselves badly, others are likely to do the same. It’s about setting priorities and loving yourself and others.

4. Don’t rely on others to be happy

“Don’t rely on someone to be happy. You alone can be responsible for this. If you can’t love and respect yourself, no one can do it for you.”

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– Stacey Charter

Happiness does not depend on others. True happiness is an attitude, and as such it arises from ourselves. We are fully responsible for what we feel, even if the circumstances are favorable for a certain emotional state.

We have the power to transform situations, even if we are barely aware of it. It starts with two things: accepting and loving yourself. If we don’t do it, no one will do it for us. Let’s not forget that.

5. Be yourself

“To be someone else is to spoil the person you are.”

— Marilyn Monroe

Thousands of people dream of becoming someone else. They fantasize about this idea, compare themselves with their friends, and think about things like ” if I had…”, “if I had…”.

People forget that being yourself is wonderful, and includes thousands of possibilities. So they move away from themselves and become unhappy.

We are a limited edition. Unique and imperfect, but valuable. There is no one else like you, and that is what makes us special and different.

You should not compare yourself with others. Focus your gaze on yourself to reach your full potential and take advantage of your authenticity.

You must be yourself and not let society influence you

6. Value yourself to act

“As long as you don’t value yourself, you won’t value your time. As long as you don’t value your time, you can’t do anything about it.”

– M. Scott Peck

This phrase carries a deep message. Self-respect is the Foundation of everything, the stepping stone to a full, happy and successful life. If we don’t value ourselves, we are unlikely to achieve everything we want, and in the end, we won’t grow.

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When we value ourselves, we place our priorities and devote time to. Let’s stop living on autopilot to finally live consciously. Time is a precious gift that we should not leave aside.

7. the Opinions of others are not your reality

“Other people’s opinions should not become your own reality.”

– Brown

We are social beings, and the opinions of others influence us to some extent. However, we must learn to distinguish between who we are and what others think of us, what we want and what others want.

With good intent or not, people around us will Express their opinions about us. Remember, this is just an opinion. A subjective reality that we don’t necessarily have to accept. We should only respect, without engaging in personal attacks, the people who have them.

The key to not getting into a risky situation and losing control is to know what we want, how we feel and, above all, how well we feel about ourselves.

As we can see, valuing yourself is difficult because it involves knowing yourself, but also accepting and respecting yourself. These self-esteem quotes can help you take the most important things into account. Appreciate your success and realize that you can do a lot.