10 Superpowers That make you superhuman

Everyone wants to be a superhero, but no one wants to be bitten by a mutant spider. Still, you can be happy for yourself, because if you haven’t heard, we humans have our own unrealized superpowers that are dormant in these earthly vessels that are called our bodies.

Here are some superpowers that everyone has!

1. Our brain is able to generate electricity

Our neurons are used to send messages to the brain, and they produce a pretty decent amount of electricity in the process. In fact, the 20 watts of electricity they produce is enough to power something like a dim lamp!

2. Our bones are stronger than steel

At least up to 30 years old, our bones are stronger than most of the most durable materials in existence. They can withstand a load four times greater than concrete. Without exaggeration, our bones are actually 5 times stronger than steel!

3. We can change our mood by changing our facial expressions

Oddly enough, it has been scientifically proven that facial expression affects mood more than thoughts or emotions. This, of course, does not cause an instant release of dopamine or anything like that, but acts more imperceptibly.

4. Our eyes are practically 576-megapixel cameras

Different phones are equipped with different megapixel cameras, on 8 — 12 — 41 megapixels. There is even a DSLR with up to 120 megapixels. However, our eyes have a staggering 576 megapixels! Thanks to this, we distinguish almost 10 million shades.

5. We can use the adrenaline rush to Wake absolutely crazy power

The sudden burst of energy that can be triggered by extreme sports is known as an adrenaline rush. For example, bungee jumping, racing or parachute jumping. This hormone injection gives us the strength to achieve high sports results.

6. We can use sound to “see” like bats

There are not many people who can navigate through space using echolocation. Nevertheless, they exist. Their hearing organs are so sensitive that they completely replace vision.

Often this ability is found in the blind, but everyone can develop this quality — blindfold your eyes and be patient.

7. Our hearts produce enough energy to move a truck

This may seem like a crazy idea, but our hearts actually generate enough energy every day to move a truck 32 km away! Such power is contained within one person.

8. We can go without food for up to two months

Scientists say that a person can live without food for up to two months, and this is confirmed by documentary evidence. A Swede named Peter Skyllberg was locked in the car, buried under a layer of snow. He survived by eating snow alone!

9. Our nose can recognize and remember 50,000 different flavors

A person’s nose is certainly not a dog’s, but still, our nose is equipped with quite subtle olfactory sensors. To remember 50,000 different scents and smells is an achievement!

10. Our stomach acids are so strong that our body grows a new stomach lining every 3 days

Our stomach juice, which is used to digest food, also dissolves the lining of the stomach, but, fortunately, our body completely renews it every 3 days. If this did not happen, the same acids would simply digest our stomach! How disgusting!