Trouble – All My Niggaz Lyrics

All My N—– By Trouble




P—- fat she got them racks

And let my patna use her wheels

And now my n—– up

And all my n—– still buck

Took a couple pounds

Go break them down

For all my youngins in the jects

Though I been had respect

Still will go head first about a check

Percky got me geeked

And all my b—- wanna do

Is spread them cheeks

Them chucks still on my feet

Over East you sleep, you tryna creep

How the f— he got the Crips?

How the f— he got the G’s?

And he throw B’s?

Nephew just popped a book

F—– on yo hoe and he a beast




One at the Flame

One at the Cave

One up in Magic, doing her thang

My phone gone rang if its some street

Up in that b—-, I don’t f— wit lames

Squeakin reasons n—– heating

Ain’t too peaceful playin the game

What I be doing don’t get that s— confused

To have me buss yo brain

Thuggin all outside in public bussin

Nothing what I come from

100 rounds on that drum

B—- its nothin I go dumb dumb

F— all that playin the wolf

And I’m with the s—-

Ain’t nothing I haven’t took

180 pound frame respect

The same size to be took