Blaqbonez – Green Blaq Green (Khaligraph Jones Reply) lyrics


Type A

I gat the chase

Yo don’t ever fuck with a Nigerian boy you know me


I heard that shit?I?had zero balls


[Verse 1]

I been cooling out tried to?pour ice in my core

Cos I’m not human I’m a war machine, designed to end wars

Khaligraph Jones you should be flexing nigga you won the award

Now what’s this Clout chasing grandpa fighting me for?

I Searched on Wikipedia, I tried to look up your age

Didn’t see no Wikipedia, which in itself’s a disgrace

That aside, it’s obvious say you don tey for the place

Allow me to assume you’re 52 based on your face

Clout chasing Agbaya, you should look at yourself

This Nigerian hype juice got this nigga obsessed

You’ve been tryna blow here but no one ever cared

MI, Ice tried but it never could work

Cos you not built like a star, bruh you’ve never been dapper

Whoever told you fresh that’s a serial capper

Saw you on that Soundcity stage looking like you came to take the award on behalf of the rapper

[Verse 2]

Look like you’re drip resistant

Your fashion statement need to study linguistics

You partially ignorant of that part of the business

Why you copping them Benzs at least come out looking like you are the one that is parking the Benzs

The reasons why you must get some drip, they quite logical

1 you look like a bum, 2 you being sent to the hospital

Tekashi wanna-be? you not too far from the truth

But this Tekashi would troll you and still murder you in the booth

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Yo kenya this the nigga that you rated as best

Like if y’all were attacked he gon come to your help?

If there’s one thing that anybody’s learned from Manchester United it that literally nobody’s scared of Jones in defense

[Verse 3]

I’m a war machine once again for johnny

Feels like xenophobia you getting killed on this journey

Guns, bullets my kids, cos I Raise them, you dummy

I’d have these kids in his chest like a Kangaroo mummy

I’m a menace in this shit, and I’m not conforming

Fly niggas with Heat to your hood, den gon get bloody

50 from the back, 50 from the front

Tell modafucking billboard that this the real hot 100!!

No-one should ever put a knife in the hands of a mad genuis

Ama Keep drawing lines on Khaligraph till the graph’s finished

With X and as a function of Y Khaligraph’s bleeding

Have Khaligraph’s blood on the wall like a graffiti

I’m a cannibal, but I don’t feed on the feeble

Heard that you a great man, that was said by the people

I Got my teeth ready for a likkle a taste of your heart

Cos Davido rightly said that its sweet in the middle

I’m cool how this turns out, usually known as the villain

I put fear in you rappers hearts, from the start till December

Run circles around Kenyans rappers,

Only person i could possibly fear is Kenenisa Bekele

Ohh shit thats Ethiopian, replace that with Kipchoge

I’m saying I’d fuck yall niggas up on a bottle of Rozay

If you were smarter you coulda been big

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The wise men in the Bible were recorded leaving the East

[Verse 4]

How can you say that I’m 40, you delusional clearly?

Or is it dementia? That’s a couple years early

Alzheimers, you forgot what you seen on the telly?

Or you just ignored my age, you’re the Kenyan R. Kelly

This is punishment this boy but you ain’t making it back

Saying dumb shit with energy and calling it rap

Buhari and Trump the best presidents ever

Screaming that shit ain’t never making it facts

I see those lips that you wagging about

Need to call Bobrisky to come put dick in your mouth

Heard you a thief, from the grapevine

Gatta give back Charles Okocha his hairline

But I’m a yung ass nigga, who just started to shine

Facing endless possibilities, I’m perfectly fine

You some old ass granny that be facing decline

You got like 2 more years before you done but its aiight


When the decline is in full effect

I could really use a bouncer that knows a bit about rap

Hit me up on the celli