Eastern Philosophy For Saving Money

Eastern Philosophy For Saving Money

It seems that money is never enough. Living to the end of the month is sometimes an Odyssey. There are hundreds of things we spend money on, and the revenue disappears in the blink of an eye. However, there are several ways to save money.

Saving money is essential to maintaining your finances. You don’t need to earn large amounts to live with a certain relaxation. It requires will, loyalty, and patience. Discover some of the keys that Eastern philosophy gives us to better manage your money.

The secret lies in the method. You often do not notice what money is spent on, because you do not track your expenses and do not manage your finances properly. Find out what you will get using this method.

Cabeco, a great way to save money

Of cabeco is a Japanese technique created in 1904. It was very successful and is still used all over the world. This is a technique developed by Motoko Hani. Her goal was to save money by tightly controlling her expenses.

The essence of the Kabeco method is as follows: at the beginning of the month, all your income and expenses are recorded. This is the amount of money you receive and the amount you give away.

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Based on this, the idea is to define the goal of saving. This applies to fixed and excess expenses, if any. In addition, you should think about what your savings will be used for. This is only the first part of the method.

The second part consists of accounting for all expenses. You must record every purchase and other expenses. At the end of the week, you should review your records and evaluate what the money was spent on. This gives hints on how to spend money, and allows you to find keys to save.

52 weeks of testing

This is a very old method of saving money that has recently come into fashion. The most important thing is to be ready to accept the challenge, stay consistent and be patient. The results may exceed your expectations.

This method involves saving for 52 weeks every day. The first week, save only 100 rubles, the second-200 rubles, and so on. Since the amounts may become too large by the end, set the maximum ceiling at 10,000 rubles, for example, or more. It all depends on your income level.

The 52-week trial can also be performed backwards. This means that you start with a savings of 10,000 rubles, then this amount is reduced. Sometimes it’s easier because there’s always more motivation at the start.

Other tips for saving money

Eastern philosophy focuses more on renunciation than accumulation. This is why they have managed to create a strict lifestyle that will allow them to better control money. Zen representatives give advice on saving money. Here are some of them:

  • Visit the libraries. You will not spend a penny, and instead you will also study well.
  • Replace the car with public transport or, ideally, a Bicycle or walking.
  • Bring home-made food to work. Eating out is often a big expense.
  • Reduce your tobacco and alcohol consumption. You will not only save your money, but also become healthier.
  • Drink water. Replacing carbonated drinks is good for the body and avoids unnecessary expenses.
  • Make home repairs yourself. There is no need to pay for minor fixes in your home, such as changing the gasket in the faucet, etc.
  • Save energy: save on electricity, gas, gasoline, listen to common sense.
  • Don’t spend money on semi-finished products. Cook for yourself. This is useful not only for saving money, but also for your health.
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