Happy New Month Prayers, Quote, Pictures text messages for May 2020

New Month Prayers

Happy New Month Prayers, Quote, Pictures text messages for May 2020

1. the First prayer will help you determine your goal and choose the right path to success in the business sphere in 2020. When planning a serious undertaking, it is not superfluous to confess and listen to the instructions of the father. Perhaps, with his words, the Lord will inspire the right idea. Before confession you need to offer a prayer to God:

“Lord God, Have Mercy! You alone are omniscient, and you alone know the path that is set for me. Accept my sincere prayer and bless me for righteous deeds. Deliver us from all sorrowful circumstances, evil misfortunes, evil temptations, send down peace and prosperity, direct us to the path of prosperity and prosperity. Yes, not in the name of self-interest, but for a peaceful life, I pray for support and appeal to you. Amen».

2. the Second prayer is recited for success, redemption, and support on the way to goals for the benefit and benefit of the entire world. Along with good motives and prayers, you will notice that success in everyday Affairs will not take long to wait.

“Our Gracious Lord! Give me your support and intercession from the very beginning of my long journey, guide me on the right path, the true path leading to happiness and well-being. Asking you to submit to every strong faith, peace, deliverance from death, comfort the grieving, healing the sick, restoring the fallen, erring to the way of salvation return, weak assertion, righteous in deeds blessing young counsel, orphans and widows intercession, departed blissful repose. Let us, your sinful servants, bring the work of your efforts. Give the knowledge and skills to overcome all the hardships that are necessary for success. Amen

3. the Third prayer is a request for concrete success: getting a high-paid position, material prosperity, and financial well-being. God’s intercession is sure to bring success in any work pleasing to God. Text of the prayer:

“Our all-merciful Lord, I earnestly appeal to your help! Accept a sincere prayer from Your servant! Grant faith and meekness, and do not leave in the days of overcoming difficulties and adversity. Show them the truth, the understanding of the essence. By your grace, success will grow in any righteous endeavor. Keep me from making mistakes, God, and don’t let me be tempted. Amen».

4. the Fourth prayer is a thank — you prayer. After a working day or at the end of an important task, passing an exam, or a report, you should definitely thank the Lord to whom you turned for help. Thanksgiving is a pledge of God’s acceptance of future prayers.

“Thank You, most high God, for your help. Your charity knows no bounds, and your love is boundless. I, falling in love with Your greatness and trembling, offer my thanks for the mercies shown to me. I praise You and thank you. I humbly ask you, my Father, as before you accepted my prayers, so in the future do not turn away from me. Amen

New Month Text Messages & Quotes

Happy New Month Text 1… As the new month begins, here are my wishes for you:

May this month help you stay healthy, may you achieve all your daily goals; May you remain happy and whole; May this month be better than all the previous months of this year!

Happy New Month Text 2 … Dear! This month You will be too busy to be stranded. You will experience smooth acceleration even in the midst of a recession. You will overtake and capture all your possessions. Happy new month!

Happy New Month Text 3… A new month always comes with new challenges and goals for us, I sincerely wish you to overcome all the challenges and be successful not only this month, but in all the years of your life. Happy new month!

Happy New Month Text 4… The new month is so refreshing, you can make a new experience,

go on new adventures and just be happy!

This is exactly what I wish for you. Happy new month

With the New Month Text 5 … Forget about the days and nights, UPS and downs, good and bad for the previous month. It’s time to move on and hope for the best. I wish you Happiness in the new month ahead.

Happy New Month Text 6… May Allah bless you with strength, peace of mind, love for family and friends and all good events this time. I wish you a pleasant new month

With the New Month Text 7 … Life is too short. Enjoy and have fun. I’m sorry my friends. Love by heart. Laugh out loud. Do whatever makes you smile. I wish you a great new month and keep calm.

Happy New Month Text 8… In this new month, your Joy will be complete, the songs of Victory will not disappear from your Mouth, and Each New Day will bring you closer to the Fullness of your Destiny.

Happy New Month Text 9… Let this new month begin with a new sun of success for you. May each ray of the new sun bring you great happiness. Happy new month!

With the New Month Text 10… The beginning of the month is a good time to do something new and set new goals. I wish you a very successful month full of great achievements!

New Month Photos

Happy New Month Prayers, Quote, Pictures text messages for May 2020

Happy New Month Prayers, Quote, Pictures text messages for May 2020

Happy New Month Prayers, Quote, Pictures text messages for May 2020

Happy New Month Prayers, Quote, Pictures text messages for May 2020

Happy New Month Prayers, Quote, Pictures text messages for May 2020