Lil Uzi Vert – Just Meh lyrics

Just Meh By Lil Uzi Vert

This is not Siberian this sunny sweats

27 gang b***h I hope I’m blessed (Hope I’m blessed)

Pull up on a stain I made twenty check

N—– ain’t the same ain’t no going back

She made a deep d— cause that girl she got twenty necks

My n—– they made it from the struggle yes struggle yes

My n—– was in the Jetson and they layin’ on the jet

My n—– go where I go that’s a fact that’s a fact

My n—– they throwin’ waters they wish they was throwing checks

My n—– they sippin’ water and they fit and they fit

I got n—– in Atlanta that was locked up in that fence

Octopus cut in diamonds on my neck and I’m like s—

Every time I pull up on your b—- I gotta let her wait

I got too much guap now watch me match my man match my man

I know all my pants and I still got that C all on my cap

I could make you dance R.I.P. that boy set up my strap

I got hella bands I put crack cocaine up in her crackkk

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