Ollie – More Than Music III Lyrics

More Than Music III By Ollie

Yeah, somedays I don’t leave my room
Sometimes I feel so depressed
Put this all into my music, I’m tryna give you my best
The pressure is weighing a ton
I wanted to make you all proud
I wanted to give you an anthem
Something that you could turn loud
When everything is too much and you don’t think that you can go another day
When you at your limit and just ’bout to give in and sick of pretending that you’re okay
I know what it can be like to hurt
Telling yourself it won’t ever change
Cling to a bottle at 4 in the morning attempting to drink away all the pain
The more I grow up, I’ve been cutting size
This industry full of some f—— lies
How can I feel anything you saying when most of your songs you don’t even write?
All of my songs are a piece of me
I’m writing down stories I’ve lived, this
This is way more than just music
See, writing this music’s the reason I lived ’em
I’m finally alive
I used to wake up and work 9 to 5
They used to laugh at my records and all of my efforts until I would wanna go die
But who laughing now? This ain’t a flex
This is me humbly saying I’m blessed
This is my spilling my guts on the track
Ripping my heart that’s beating in my chest
That will not switch, always be real
I’m not controlled, want no part of your deal
Spend every day of my life in the studio ’cause it’s the only way I know to heal
I will not lose, stay up all night
I will not lose, say that s— twice
I’ve given everything I have to give
Pour out my story inside of a mic, for this I would die

I will not lose
I will not!

“It’s much more than music, man—I feel your music. I just don’t hear it, I feel it.”
“I just listen to your music and it calms me to know that I’m not as alone as I sometimes believe to be.”
“Even when no one else was there for me, your music was.”
“Your music is so relatable and I, there’s not that many artists out there that we can relate to nowadays.”
“I can’t go a day without listening to your music.”
“Your music captures everything I feel and puts it into words.”
“Thanks so much for your music, from Montreal.”
“You’ve changed the way I’ve thought, you’ve changed the way I live my life.”
“I don’t know you; you don’t know me, but your music saved me.”

And I might not be the greatest artist that’s ever lived
The best rapper or best singer with platinum hits
But at least I stood for something real, and I’m proud that I did
So go ahead, tell me all of my record s—
That I won’t make it, I’ve heard it all a million times
But I keep pushing, I see the vision within these lines
A lot of days I spent losing
Guess it helped me make something much more than… music

“And man, it’s—bro, it’s been a long, crazy ride. And I’m so glad to be a part of a team somehow. With all that being said, I appreciate everything you’re doing—and we’ll talk real soon, buddy. Take care.”