Westside Gunn – George Bondo Lyrics

George Bondo By Westside Gunn

Ayo, I’m from a back block on the east side, peace and war
Out on Leroy with the MAC on, peace Allah (Brr)
My whole portfolio is gangster, whip with cocaine
Just shot a n—- on the anklet (Boom, boom, boom), sellin’ dope
Save this Persian rug five times a day, prayers, n—– tasteless
Cells pop, n—– came through, stabbed ’em on the wakeup (Ah)
N—– catch you at the showers for a hundred soups
Bought a goose, we pulled up in a couple coupes (Skrt)
The chopper on double loop (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)
Your body got hugged, but not enough to shoot
We baggin’ up trouble at the W, what’s up with you? We huntin’ too (Ah)
Still plottin’ and schemin’, on the cot, daydreamin’
Get shot out the Heron, pray demon, you ain’t breathin ‘ (Skrt, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
The yay reekin’, your lips movin’, you ain’t breathin’
You start coughin’ up blood for the same reasons, you ever sold a hundred?
Then spent it all in the same weekend, razors leave your face leakin’ (Ah)
Chill, let the Wraith creep, and the brick broke in eight pieces
Double Cs on the suede sneakers, I kick the real s—
Who you be? Where you bome from? I had to build s— (Ah, I had to build s—, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
I had to build s— (I had to build s—, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)

Look, uh, we was sellin’ dog food and we was sellin’ fish (Cap)
Feds was buildin’ cases, they ain’t never stick (Hahahaha)
Y’all had the triple beam dreams, we really measure bricks (We really sold that)
S— was movin’ fast as we cookin’ up, we sell it quick (Hah)
Any beat I’m on, I gotta get my s— off
Your watch ain’t cost thirty and up? Take that s— off (Take that s— off, n—-)
I’m impactin’ the culture like Eric Bischoff
Big biscuit of that Biscotti makin’ my b—- cough (Cap)
They on Google, they wonder what I got rich off
They see me pullin’ off in that Don, the top lift off (Hah)
The kid from May Street that used to whip soft (Whip)
And let his fif’ off, now I’m the big boss, I drop the bag, I have you picked off (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
My shooter don’t speak but you can tell that he dangerous (Cap)
He just aim steady the stainless (Hah)
Drive-bys out of minivans, Chevys, and Ranges (Brr)
Rap n—- go to the club in my city, tuck every chain in (Hah)
Get n—– clipped while I’m with celebrities hangin’ (Uh huh)
I got two felonies, now they tell me I’m famous (I’m famous now)
My life is definitely changin’
Roc Nation brunch, I’m with a R&B singer gettin’ better acquainted (What up, baby?)
If thou steal from Flygod, that’s a sin
It ain’t another rapper that’s alive that can match my pen
Back again, MAC clap your men, stack the half an M
I was him, before you ever heard me on a track with Em (The Machine, n—-)

Yo, look back, three years ago, when ain’t nobody know me (Nobody)
Now I treat this rap s— just like somebody owe me (Butcher comin’, n—-)
Think it’s a game until I Patrick Kane somebody homie
That’s slidin’ through with a stick, shootin’ one by the goalie (Brr)
I got nice, practice repeated, when rappers was decent
When you ain’t leave the house unless your gat was matchin’ your sneakers (Yeah)
Is y’all n—- rappin’ or tweetin’? (What else?) Stackin’ or beefin’? (What y’all doin’?)
I get you whacked at The Venetian for blasphemous speakin’, uh huh
Watch band snakeskin, gang at the door, let the apes in
Twenty-k spent, that’s how my day went
Bulletproof the foreign to feel safe in (I’m good)
Mirrors smoke grey tint, it’s just to take trips to the bank in
Telly by the border, Glock on top of the covers (Uh huh)
The room next door got duffles stacked on top of each other
Me and my old plug alright (We cool), but we don’t rock with each other
That was only business, and we done did a lot for each other (I made that n—- rich)
Yeah, I’ll f— around and leave the party with my tool ringin’ (Boom, boom, boom, boom, let’s go)
Jewels blingin’, tailored suit like a blues singer
You know my back wood like two fingers (Tuh), hustler, I’m the true meanin’
Turned one to two like I’m Houdini (My stove game still official)
Yeah, this for the corners that we anointed (Anointed)
Opened up with a small group of soldiers that I appointed (Uh)
I’m up due to all of the bullshit that I avoided
She s—, f—, count up the money, but still annoyin’
It’s Griselda, n—-

I’ma loosen my collar, y’all, hold on
What’s up, y’all, it’s St. Louis, representin’ this OG
And this OG, once again, y’all know who we is
We all over the world, but somebody love us
This lady love us
Oh, we gon’ do this, I’ma quit talkin’, like
I’ma loosen my collar, baby, let’s get busy
Hut, hut
Boom, boom, boom, n—- like work, work
Westside, pop gang, n—-, throw ’em up
Boom, boom, boom, n—-, we don’t give a f—
What? What? N—-, what?
Boom, boom, boom, Hail Mary
Boom, cha-boom, told you n—– scary
Boom, boom, boom, that n—- ’bout to run
Click-clack, them n—– got guns
Boom, boom, boom, Hail Mary
Boom, cha-boom, told you n—– scary
Boom, boom, boom, that n—- ’bout to run
Click-clack, them n—– got guns, like
Boom, boom, boom