Westside Gunn – Euro Step Lyrics

Euro Step By Westside Gunn

Conductor, conductor, conductor

Ayo, rockin’ a Sakai in the 911 soft-top (Skrt)
Hopped out, big drum on it, had to sort ’em out (Brr, brr)
Peace, my name’s West, but I’m from the East (Ah)
Ayo, the only n—- that got five b—— with five visions
Open your eyes, listen, this our time, Christes and Fly
Waitin’ for fly b——, sippin’ pain in the rain
Never got wet, this for my n—– that’s locked in the cage
Brushin’ their waves with a chip bag, drop it like Six Flags (Skrt)
Clothes from Fifth Ave, broke and got rich fast
How you figure you n—– ill and you illin’, millin’, and shillin’
Icon, what a wonderful feeling, put holes in your building (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Allah willin’, I be touchin’ big bags (Ah)
Goyard leashes on all-red Saint Bernards
Saint Laurents, water whip the coke with the Avian
They be on bullshit, I be on real time
I be out in France with Clovis, sippin’ real wine
Toast to my real n—– that’s sellin’ dope still (Ah)

I be sippin’ real wine, toast to my n—– (Brr)
Toast to my n—– in the field, st- (Brr)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, red wine
Toast to my n—– in the field, sellin’ dope, yeah
To my n—– still in field, sellin’ dope (Ah)

My middle knuckle is bigger than all my knuckles on this hand right here, bruh
You ain’t got a scratch on your middle knuckle
You know what I mean, you ain’t been through nothin’
You never-, ain’t-
You never been in the-, in the crib with welfare cheese and fried bologna
And all that stuff like that for dinner at nighttime, man
Don’t come to me with that lil’ punk a– s—