Legodimong (In Heaven) Lyrics by Tshepo (Joyous Celebration 24)

(Sung in Sotho)

Legodimong, go na le seaparo (In heaven, there are garments)
Sa boikgetho, ke se bone (I have chosen it, I have seen it)
Ke se apere, se a ntshwanela (I have worn it, and it fits/suits me)
Ke sutu, ya legodimo (It is the suit, of Heaven) (Repeat)

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Hlogong ke apere, Glory! (On the head I put on Glory!)
Mmeleng ke apere, Halleluya! (On my body I wear Hallelujah)
Dinokeng gona, Hosanna! (On my waist it tie Hosanna)
Maotong gona, Amen! (And on my feet, Amen!) (Repeat)

Oh, the Lord is my Shepherd
And I shall not want. Hallelujah

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