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Princess Nokia – Welcome to the Circus Lyrics

Welcome to the Circus By Princess Nokia

Welcome to the circus
Welcome to the world that makes me nervous
This is for the people with the purpose
Tryna fight the evil and the burden
I am for the children and for learning
Open up your mind instead of hurting
Break out of the matrix, live the moment
Look up from your phone and stop the moaning
Everybody complains but they going
Welcome to the rave, we came to have fun
Take off all your clothes and start the action
I’ma give you fun and satisfaction
A little bit of chaos and some madness
I hate squares with a big passion
Come to the party but you not dancing
Time to let go and get relaxin’

B—-, it’s me
I am the monster right under your sheets
I am the name that be stuck in your teeth
Everyone here still be talking ’bout me
I don’t got time ’cause I’m rolling on E
I am the show, yes, I’m something to see
Everyone paid and they came to see me
You on the couch, b—-, you is a flea
I hear them talking and walking on me
B—— is jealous, they got a disease
Hope you get better, no, hope that you die
Hope that you’re swallowed and eaten alive
I am so sick of the fraudulent lies
I came to find you but you ran and hide
B—— is dumb and I don’t got the time
B—— is dumb and I don’t got the time
B—— is dumb and I don’t got the time

Everybody here’s your family
Everybody here’s your friend
And with me you’re never alone


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