King Krule – Supermarché Lyrics

Supermarché By King Krule

Supermarché Lyrics:
Bleeding into the brains of
Your cat, small fish, dog
She lays at night
(Right by the speeding light)
Seeping through the bolts and corks
What these machines are for
Of the city side
(The city’s side)
Young man turnin’ in on himself
Felt the horror through her

Let go
Let go
Let go
Another pair of eyes
Let go
To see they sacrifices

He’s creepin’ throughout the aisles of
The supermarket mall
(Shut the door, s—)
(Like the bug protects the street)
Free from the battlefields
Young children with shields

Of love
Of love
We have to rise above
(Enough’s enough’s enough’s enough)
(Enough’s enough’s enough)
(Enough’s enough’s enough’s enough)
(Enough’s enough, enough’s enough)
What’s your worth?
(Hahaha, f— all that, man)