Review: See the Shocking Advantages of Glo Over MTN

Hey geeks, some years now Glo has been tagged grandmaster of Data, is that true? What makes it boss over MTN (or what makes Nigerians chose it over MTN) we are going to deal with here. In this post
This short article answers the popular questions in the mind of MTN and Glo users many folks do ask me such questions see how they normally ask:

  • What is special about Glo network
  • What does Glo network have that other network providers lacks
  • Can Glo network completely replace MTN
  • Between MTN and Glo, which one is more faster in browsing speed
  • Glo or MTN which one has more users
  1. Data Plan: The name tagged with Glo “Grandmaster of data” is of no Joke at all Glo gives you close to 500MB data bonus and about N3500 airtime or more when you recharge N1000 to call any network. The data bonus becomes heavy when you sub the N1000 airtime by dialing *777#, you gets 1.8GB with just 1k airtime valid for a month isn’t that great? The data doesn’t get exhausted so quickly like Mr. MTN and the more money you recharge, the more data you purchased the more the bonus you will get.
  2. Network: Glo network and service is one of the major complaints of Nigerians in the previous years but nowadays Glo network pertaining to internet speed is now doing well! As Glo now supports 4G LITE glo network is now fast like bolt especially in my area good job and improvement to the.
  • How to the browsing speed of MTN and Glo: with all have said, if you still insists in knowing the the network that is more faster in internet browsing between MTN and Glo, then go to (make sure you switch the SIM data each time you visit
  1. Calling: under this am going to tell you three things Glo used to beating down MTN in the act of calling.
  • When someone calls you, or when you call someone, your internet is never interrupted which means you can call and browse same time.
  • You can flash someone even when you don’t have airtime, the will definitely see your missed call
  • When someone calls you when your phone is in airplane mode or switched off, Glo will send you the missed call message whenever your line is fully online this is absolutely free.
  1. Bonus: like I said earlier that glo gives you airtime bonus on every recharge. The tarrif plan you are doesn’t matter and it has no limit (its on any or every recharge) unlike MTN that you gets a certain bonus once in a week month on year.

Conclusion: geeks, lemmie stop here jor, I don’t need to persuade you again you already know your choice drop likes and comment below.