$uicideBoy$ – MEGA ZEPH Lyrics

MEGA ZEPH By $uicideBoy$

Hot boy off the north with the tats on his face
Run, run, run, find a place where you safe
Far from grace
In my maze where I play
Pray on your faith when they claim that they saved
Laugh in your face
Trying to jump home boy?
You might want to refrain
Keys to the gate
Talking hell, little b—-, and you ain’t gonna escape
Hold up, jump out with the Glock cocked
Going non-stop, aim the red dot
Shoot a m———– dead where he laying
Ain’t stopping until the gun lock, huh
M———– out my box
Head been knocked by the worst kind
Gorilla from the 59
I’m a psycho, check my bloodline

All of these b—— afraid of me
And all of these fuckboys, they hate on me
So just to sum it up
Basically, I really couldn’t give less of a f—
I’m from the era of terror
The product of financial pressure
Social conformity, religious error
Mention the devil, they’ll f— off forever
The new millennium brought nothing better
I wanna see blood stains on the grill of the Mustang (Mustang)
Couple pills just to numb the pain (Pain)
Six roads, one way
Flames arise, burned my eyes
I’m late for judgement day

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