Vundabar – Petty Crime Lyrics

Vundabar – Petty Crime Lyrics

Caroline, I think we might be cursed
We’ve been riding around this town in a hearse
Caroline I know it makes you sick,
Despite myself I can’t rid myself of it

Anyone else feel the air is thin
Shirt sure fits a bit too tight around my chin
Keep an eye outside I’ll grab the key
We’ll take this Lincoln for a ride down 93
It’s petty crime

Caroline, I told you a lie
This is no light but I’m afraid to die
Caroline you know I’m no quaker
But death isn’t a visitor when the hearse drivers your neighbor

Hearse in reverse tore down the interstate
A story to drive backwards through what I can’t change
I’ll knock on the nursery door and you grab him
Oddity pallbearer “would you let me in?”
It’s petty crime

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