Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli – 12,000 Miles Lyrics

Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli – 12,000 Miles Lyrics

Y’all like it?
This says a lot about you
Ah, you mothafucker
Yuh, ayy, yuh, ayy

Watch what you say when you talk from afar
Two killers in the dark parked in a black car
Mask on, mask off, ho, it don’t make no difference
I creep up in slow-mo behind you with that four-four
Let me know if you want yo’ life, that guy just want yo’ soul (Soul)
I watch the money come (Come) and I watch the money go (Go)
But f— it, anyway, I can’t see myself growin’ old
With these demons in my ear tryna take me down that road, yuh

You don’t wanna know what’s growin’ in my mind
Waters turnin’, bridges burnin’, feel like I’m in Columbine
I hate everybody, don’t need you to be a friend of mine
And that ho was mesmerized, who I cannot memorize, yuh

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This b—- wanna f— but I’m twelve thousand miles away
Cops pulled me over, where the tag at? My license fake
Bustin’ like a beam, we can move by the block a day
Really made it happen, gave a f— what my mama say
B—-, act your age, not your mothafuckin’ shoe size (Huh?)
It’s mister [?] buy it two times
Swimmin’ in that water, better not drown like a scuba
I be speakin’ Spanish with my plug, he from Cuba
[?] people, feds tryna throw us in a RICO
Tie my b—- up ’cause she like it, she a freak ho (She a freak)
I can’t trust a soul, keep a burner when I sleep, ho
If my shooter find you, they won’t find him, he illegal, yeah

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