Mpa Amavuta (Anoint Me) Lyrics by James and Daniella

(Sung in Kinyarwanda)

Dore bugiye kwira (The night is coming)
Aho umuntu atabasha gukora (When no one can work)
Yobor’intambwe zanjye (Lead my steps)
Ngume mumucyo wawe (That I may walk in Your light) (Repeat)

Mpa amavuta mw’itabaza (Add oil in my lamp)
Mwami wanjye mpore naka (Lord, that I may light it forever)
Ubwo uzaza (That when You return)
Ubw’ uzaza uzambonere kure (You would see me from afar)
Mwami wanjye tuzajyane (My God, I will go with You) (Repeat)

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Nsukah wamavuta (Pour Your anointing on me)
Menshi atemba nk’umwuzure (Abundance that flows like flood)
Mpore naka (So that I may forever shine)
Ngez’ igihe uzazira (Until the day of Your return) (Repeat)


Amavuta ntashire (May the anointing never cease)
Umuriro ntuzime (My the fire never be quenched)
Isoko ntigakame (May the fountain never run dry)
Ngez’ igihe uzazira (Until the day of Your return) (Refrain)

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