Denzel Curry – PXSH6XD SHXT Lyrics

PXSH6XD SHXT By Denzel Curry

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On the west side screaming, “thug life”
Like I ran off on the plug twice
Ain’t no lies, I ain’t like flies
F—–’ mad hoes might be my vice
She my type, but she unknown
Not [?], but she know I’m on, man
She said she want all of me
That p—- keep callin’ me
She knows none of that’s that, like a shoe that’s thrown by Cardi B
These n—– got no game they on JV, and I’m on varsity
Pass, pick up, smash ash, stash, switch up
Glad bag, [?]
If she ever wanna 69, she a cancer
If she only with you for the money, she a scammer
She can be a freaky b—- and put it on a camera
Wave around the p—- like a motherfuckin’ banner
Flag on the play, ooh!
Turn my swagger on today, ooh!
New Zeltron on the way
Got your bae comin’ over, andele
But I never let her stay unless she into anime, yuh!

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