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Let me take it back to my first time when I started doing this thing
I had visions of my future self I never thought I’d see them
I had no money no following so no one helping me then
Just recording all on my own, no one listened when I would send
Just left on read
Damn I still remember that day
Checked my latest song on my Soundcloud saw a couple thousand new plays
I saw my homie and let him know he said you came a long way
And we kept talking til he finally said that all the streams were fake
I said no way
But it was true
He paid 20 for a thousand views
Cut him off right then and there
Never wanted that type of move
Only wanted the real thing no shortcuts in my avenue
We never spoke since then but it’s something that I just had to do
I know
I made friends and I lost friends in my life
Some were my fault, some were their fault but I’m never gonna think twice
Cuz I’m better now than I once was
Only really had one love
Gave it all to the music now I see the s— that my mind does
My old dreams came real now
Crazy how this s— feel now
Finally got what I always wanted but somehow I still feel down
Life these days got many waves
Sometimes think I’m gonna drown
Sometimes I just feel amazed
I hope one day I’ll make it out
To my true self I never found
Believed in friends who let me down
Couldn’t ever just see it then
But looking back I see it now
Too scared to go open up
Cuz people wanna just leave my dry
Or maybe I’m just scared myself
But don’t believe that’s the reason why
Lotta people on the internet look real happy on their Instagram
Finally met em in real life and I found out that it’s all pretend
Crazy cuz that image was the s— that I was just chasing then
Thank God that I realized now I been focused on bigger plans
Do a lot for my people now
A lotta s— I don’t speak about
I don’t need to show everyone just to try to make me feel real now
I’m doing fine on my dopamine
Don’t need that life it’s make believe
You falling for their narrative
It’s a lifestyle that u can’t achieve
Cuz nobody really be perfect
But they making you feel worthless
Gotta go find what your worth is
Then u gotta put your work in
I built this all from the ground up
16 I got no love
Father moved to a new city
Knew then I had to man up
Got no time for that bullshit
Had to find what my truth is
I put my thoughts into my words now people everywhere use it
Cuz people been looking up to me
Can’t control but I gotta lead
Never post bout drugs or money cuz that’s not what I’m supposed to be
Always post my true self
Hope somebody can find help
Getting thousands of messages say my music saved em from mental health
Or suicide
Man what a life
The reason why I stay up at night
Cuz more fans means more pressure
One wrong step it’s do or die
But this the life that I chose
I can’t turn back anymore
I came so far it’s been insane
I’m thankful for every little thing
Got a long road that’s ahead of me
But everything was meant to be
I finally gotta just let it out
And with that I’m finally free

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