Reality Club – Caught in a Trap Lyrics

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Caught in a Trap By Reality Club

All it takes is one kiss to fall in the trap.
Love is an illusion when you’re in the mix.
There’s no turning back.

Tempered wisdom out the door.
Can’t escape that well-known lore of what they call a fraud, to you is just a chore

I won’t come down from your pedestal.
Stay a little while let me take you for a ride.

I’ve known girls like you before.
I know just of what’s in store.
Not a mind I would explore.
Coz I’ll come running to your door.
And all I can do is smile as you take me for a ride. (All I can do is smile as I take you for a ride)
And I won’t escape it ‘cause I’m so complacent (And you won’t escape it ‘cause you’re so complacent)

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I look hard for a meaning
I guess I’m part dreaming
Half-wishing you were true

The roadmaps and the footpaths
The constellations up above
All lead to you

OOOO can’t believe what I’m feeling
OOOO can’t believe what I’m seeing

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