Joshua Hyslop – Behind the Light Lyrics

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Behind the Light by Joshua Hyslop

There is more here than meets the eye
There is something here to behold
Crimson sunsets and violet skies
Mixed with amber and waves of gold

As the light fell underneath the dark
And the whole time I wondered where you are

I remember the sweeter days
Oh, the summers that never end
Diving headlong below the waves
As they break, the horizons bends

But I still don’t seem to understand
How it’s over, so here I go again
But oh, it’s harder than I thought
Oh, given more than I’ve got
More than I have got

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Well, there is something I can’t explain
Something burning behind the light
No, it’s not that I spoke in vain
Just my words never came out right

In my heart I, I know I’ve played the fool
But it was alright when I was playing it for you

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