Rowlan – Moment Forelife Lyrics

Moment Forelife By Rowlan

I wish that I could have this moment this moment for life
Holding it tight
Doubted by so many look
Not one of them right
What a site
To watch the odds unfold
Dust debris flying bout as high as it goes
What’s the deal
Tell me are you real
Same answer every time
But the truth is the thing I fear
Give me your heart when you say I have it
Communicate the issues
I’m ignorant out of habit

I wish that I could have this moment for life
No for real
On that you ain’t really famous
But they offering deals feel
Every time they hit Brandon that s—’s a home run
Turning down the ticket
When we know we got low funds
It’s just a part of the game
Gotta love the highs and lows
Sometimes it’s harder than pain
Look we paid the dues and respect
Bunch of cut throat kids
Who learned how to finesse

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I wish that I could have this moment for life
Holding it tight
Like three women on me
And not one of them nice
These girls seem to want me
It don’t matter the price
Focused on the wrong things
So convinced that they right
Love starts with who throws it out
Your broken emotions
Get stuck in your glass house
That house in the hills
Comes tumbling down
You see that I’m right so
How do you love me now

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